The Wild Herbalist Helper


Mint or Deadnettle family

Size: 236 genera, 7500 species

Notable genera: Basil (Ocimum), mint (Mentha), sage (Salvia), thyme (Thymus), rosemary (Rosmarinus), lavender (Lavandula), oregano (Origanum), catnip (Nepeta), bee balm (Monarda), woundworts (Stachys), deadnettles (Lamium), hemp nettles (Galeopsis), and teak (Tectona).

Key features:

  • Mostly herbaceous (some woody), occasional trees or vines.
  • Many are aromatic.
  • Often hairy.
  • Stem is 4 angled/sided.
  • Simple leaves.
  • Opposite pairs.
  • Alternating 90 degrees.
  • Flowers in groups.
  • 5 petals; 5 sepals.
  • Flowers look like lips.


Ground Ivy

The taste of Ground Ivy raw is so pungent that it is difficult for most people to chew an entire leaf; However, that flavour mellows when…

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Black Horehound

It is a common, perhaps unremarkable, plant with one defining feature – its pungent, rotten smell. This smell, particularly apparent when the leaves are crushed, keeps herbivores away and gives it a local name of ‘Stinking roger’ in some places…

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